Business loan – business development with good financing

At every stage of a company’s development, there are times when additional financial support may be necessary. When starting a business, hardly anyone owns previously accumulated capital, which is why entrepreneurs usually have to apply for the first loan at the start. If they want to ensure sustainable development of the company, they seek financing Read More

How to Choose a Travel Credit Card That Fits Your Needs

Credit cards are practically powerful cards that are very useful for conducting financial transactions. Likewise when you are on vacation, traveling at home and abroad. No need to carry lots of cash, just use a credit card to shop, pay for food, hotel, and so on. Currently there is such a thing as a travel Read More

Mortgage Loan Act – What is worth knowing?

The mortgage loan appeared on the Polish banking market some time ago, but the law regulating it was created only recently. There was a need to implement the provisions of the GFIC directive to improve the position of consumers on the market of consumer loans and loans related to residential real estate. Mortgage Act – Read More

Avoid Credit Card Misuse, Get to Know the Security System

Credit cards are cards that have a practical payment function besides having a credit card is something that can make us a little proud. Because not everyone can have a credit card. As we know, there are administrative rules for credit card applicants. Both in terms of income and work. Credit cards can also increase Read More

New ID card – how will we manage in the bank? – Applying a new loan

From March 1, a new ID card template will apply. New evidence is poorer by some information in the older version of this document. Let’s check what has changed and how it affects the settlement of matters in banks. Will we have difficulties applying for a loan or a personal account? We invite you to Read More

Coronavirus: the first impacts of the crisis on home loans

  The impact of Coronavirus is growing on the world economy. This unprecedented crisis has disrupted the real estate market. Many individuals have outstanding credit, have signed a promise to sell just before confinement, or have plans to purchase property. However, today all the procedures are upset by this health and economic crisis. What should Read More

Cybercrime and credit: Banking and online credit fraud

Once is not custom, we will discuss today on our blog the security aspect of banking operations. Currently, the majority of financial transactions take place on the internet. Indeed, you consult your accounts online, you print your bank statements via your connection on the website of your bank, you make your transfers directly via your Read More