Wyoming Launches New Interactive Fishing Guide To Help Anglers Explore More Fishing Holes


CASPER, Wyoming – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has launched a new interactive fishing guide to give anglers resources to help them navigate state waters and land the fish they want to catch.

“The interactive fishing guide is useful for all anglers,” said Mark Smith, assistant supervisor of game and fishery management. “For the vast majority of people who want to plan a fishing trip, this tool will answer your top questions. “

The guide can help people find common types of information anglers rely on when planning fishing trips, including:

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  • where to go
  • the species of fish that can be caught
  • how to get to the water
  • what public access looks like

The guide allows people to search by species they wish to pursue and will show them which state waters contain that species. People can also search by body of water and see what type of fish are there.

“This is a great feature for finding the location of just about any water in Wyoming,” Smith said. “And, it’s quick for anyone to find the simple information they need to fish.”

The interactive guide allows people to zoom in on the map, which reveals more information about the area, such as roads, boat launches, campsites and rest areas in the area. It also shows walk-in and public access fishing areas.

“Always check the arrow in the upper right corner of the pop-up,” Smith said. “If there is an arrow, it means there is other useful information to help you get to a body of water or plan your trip.”

Game and Fish claim the tool could help people expand their fishing options and explore new areas.

“There are easily hundreds of places to fish in Wyoming,” Smith said. “With this interactive guide, top-notch fishing is right at your fingertips, and we eagerly await people to venture out and try a few different places.”

Game and Fish notes that Wyoming residents under the age of 14 do not need a license to fish in Wyoming. Non-residents under the age of 14 also do not need a permit, but must be accompanied by a licensed adult.

“Remember to review any fishing regulations in force before casting a line,” Game and Fish said.

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