Genshin Impact has just released its fishing mini-game, and there are still plenty of facets players should know about this rewarding hobby. Fishing in Genshin is a fun element and the rewards that come with it can be very useful, especially weapons like The Catch.

Players won’t want to overlook this new addition to the game, as events featuring fishing are on the way. These events will include achievements, business cards and more. Fans can learn even more about Genshin Impact fishing here.

Genshin Impact: fishing spots, respawns and more

The most important part of Genshin Impact fishing is finding the right spots. Many are scattered across the map and are home to a wide variety of fish species.

Players will need to scour their map well to reach each fishing spot and catch a rare catch. There are fishing spots all over Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma, and getting fish from all of them can be a tedious experience.

Future fishing experts should mark fishing spots on their maps and check them according to their priority.

Fish respawn timer

The fish respawn timer is still a bit of a mystery in Genshin Impact, as there is no conclusive answer yet as to when the pools are usually full. It has been theorized that it takes up to three days to rebuild, but fans will only have to wait for an official response.

Still, there is a trick to extracting extra fish from the world, and it’s as easy as changing the time from night to day. There are some fishing spots which have different fish depending on the weather. Players can capitalize on this feature to acquire great holds.

Fishing rods

There are several fishing rods in Genshin Impact which can be purchased from the vendor of the fishing association in each region. These rods can only be acquired in exchange for fish from a region. Interestingly, they offer a decent bonus for fishing in said area.

These rods shorten a fish’s wrestling time, which speeds up the overall process. To get them, players will need these fish:

  • Windtangler: Medaka x20, Aizen Medaka x20, Venomspine Fish x20, Tea Color Shirakodai x20
  • Narukawa Ukai: Medaka x20, Glaze Medaka x20, Slotted Stickleback x20, Purple Shirakodai x20
  • Wish Maker: Medaka x20, Sweet Flower Medaka x20, Betta x20, Brown Shirakodai x20

Genshin Impact Fishing provides a lot of resources and can yield powerful rewards. Players should definitely try out the fishing mini-game.

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